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Marginalised Networks: Locating Queer and Gendered (Trans)national Connections         Call for Papers

Thursday 27th June, 2019 at the University of Southampton

Submissions due by 29th March 2019 via genderandsexualitycluster@gmail.com

Following the success of the Gender at a Crossroads conference at Cardiff University last year, the Gender and Sexuality Cluster are excited to announce the third multidisciplinary conference on the theme of “Marginalised Networks: Locating Queer and Gendered (Trans)national Connections”. This conference will take place on Thursday 27th June, 2019 at the University of Southampton, and the keynote shall be delivered by Dr Maria Tomlinson (University of Sheffield).

We are accepting 250 word abstracts for twenty minute papers, and the deadline for submissions is Friday 29th March. We aim to respond to all applicants in early April. We welcome submissions from all disciplines, and hope to bring together researchers from across the academic spectrum to discuss different perspectives on gender, sex, sexuality and the body.

The theme of ‘Marginalised Networks’ could include, but is not limited to:
● Marginalised networks through history
● Networks of activism, protest, and resistance
● Queer, Trans and Non Binary identities
● Femininities/ Masculinities
● Body politics
● International and transnational perspectives on gender and queer studies
● Creating networks through art, film, literature and other media
● Community and Kinship
● Online communities and exchanges
● Migration and cross-border networks
● Commemoration and (un)remembering of marginalised identities.
● Intersectional networks
● Decolonising the Academy
● Representing, re-inscribing and re-writing transnational experiences

Gendered Voices Call for Articles




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