Writing Retreat and Reading Group 3/9/2019

Writing Retreat and Reading Group

We hope everyone has been having a good summer! We are delighted to announce our next event, which will be a combined writing retreat and reading group on Tuesday 3rd September at the University of Bristol. This event is open to SWWDTP funded students onlyTravel expenses for this event for SWWDTP students will be funded via the CDF budget at your home institution.

The majority of the day will be dedicated to writing, so whether you’re working on your next chapter, an article, a lecture or your literature review, feel free to come along and work in a dedicated environment with no distractions! We will also have an hour long reading group, planned for the after lunch block. This shall discuss Leonora Neville’s Anna Komnene: The Life and Work of a Medieval Historian (2016)- extracts of this will be made available closer to the time. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

To assess interest, would everyone interested in attending please fill in the google form below:


We can’t wait to see everyone in Bristol!

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