Reading Group 23/1/20

Happy New Year! We are delighted to announce that we will be holding our first reading group of 2020 at the University of Bristol on Thursday 23 January between 1 and 2pm. We will be located in Room 1.06 at 30-32 Tyndall’s Park Road.

Please note, this particular event is for SWW-DTP funded students only. Travel expenses to Bristol will be reimbursed for students travelling from another institution. However, if you are unable to attend in person, you can join the discussion via video conferencing – please get in touch if you wish to participate in this manner, or have any further questions.

The texts we will be discussing in the session are:

Classen, Constance, ‘Introduction’, in The Color of Angels: Cosmology, Gender and the Aesthetic Imagination (Oxon: Routledge, 1998), pp. 2-10

Mulvey, Laura, ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’, in Visual and Other Pleasures (London: Palgrave, 1989), pp. 14-27

The session will also be followed by a short discussion relating to the cluster’s contribution to the DTP’s Summer Festival later in the academic year, and also themes for a cluster conference in the summer. Hope to see you there, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



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